Meats and Tortillas with freshness and MEXICAN quality

With the guarantee of good prices, the best quality of all his products, and the freshness of Mexico, he opened the tortilla shop and butcher shop La Lupita, a family business that came from the Federal District to Charlotte to continue with the expansion of its points selling

With more than 30 years of experience in the meat business, the Jaramillo family decided to settle here in Charlotte, a city that is welcoming, where they were well received from the beginning.

The quality and type of products we offer is so good that we do not have the current market

We know how to make our products, and Hispanic people like what we offer them. From the first days of the opening we had a very good response from people.

La Lupita has high standards of technology and modernization of the processes, which guarantee buyers freshness in both meat and corn tortillas. Due to the fact that the business is legally registered, the conditions of the meats, as well as the prices at which the products are purchased are wholesale, based on the negotiation that is brought from Mexico

It is meat of the best quality, selected with the guarantee and experience of a family that has worked in this business all its life. We can assure you that we do not buy it to store it for months, but for the moment you need it.